Practice Areas


Majmudar & Partners is renowned for its exemplary corporate/M&A practice, acclaimed both within India and on an international scale. Our firm takes pride in offering advice to a diverse clientele, encompassing both overseas and domestic entities.  Our expertise is broad and varied, covering a vast spectrum of corporate matters:

Strategic M&A

We are at the forefront of guiding complex M&A transactions, facilitating seamless integrations and strategic partnerships that drive growth and innovation.

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Joint Ventures

Our firm excels in crafting and negotiating joint venture agreements, enabling businesses to combine strengths, share resources, and capitalize on synergies in both domestic and international markets.

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Corporate Restructuring

We provide strategic counsel on corporate restructuring, helping companies optimize their operations, enhance efficiency, and navigate through financial and operational challenges.

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General Corporate

Our comprehensive services extend to all facets of corporate governance, compliance, and advisory, ensuring that businesses are well-positioned to thrive in their respective industries.

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