We have developed deep client relationships over the decades. Our clients have been generous in their appreciation for our attention to detail, professionalism and thoroughness. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us:

Another client reported that “the team is supportive and they have met our expectations in terms of our commercial and deliverable requirements.”

Another interviewee remarked upon the team’s responsiveness and stated that “we needed the answer quickly and we got it; it was a complicated question which they understood and dealt with easily.”

The firm’s life sciences client highlighted the firm’s responsiveness as a key strength and stated that “they are really quick to respond and they are very helpful. Their advice is concise and relevant.”

Another client reported that “they really step into the shoes of an in-house counsel when giving any opinion, which is very helpful.”

Another market commentator reported that “they are a sophisticated firm, really on the ball in handling the complex issues.”

The clients of the technology, media and telecommunications practice of the firm have valued the firm’s focus on client service and praised the team where one client stated that “Majmudar’s team is incredibly responsive and they know the market well.

The firm’s tax clients valued the quality of the firm’s advice and commented that “the firm is very responsive and their advice is very clear, to the point and addresses our concerns.”

The team’s combination of timeliness and reliability was also cited, where one client commented that “even on a complex matter with a tight time schedule they have always been responsive, with no compromise on the quality”, while another client with a similar experience stated that “there was an urgent need to get this done, it was handled extremely competently and I was so pleased that I have referred others to them.”

Another satisfied employment client has praised the firm for its “good understanding of international clients’ needs and approaches.

One of the firm’s dispute resolution client stated that “I think the firm is very professional and understanding of the challenges for foreign companies doing business in India.”