Practice Areas

Private Equity & Venture Capital

At Majmudar & Partners, we boast a top-notch private equity transactions practice that serves as a trusted partner to funds and companies operating across diverse sectors.  Leveraging our deep industry knowledge and extensive experience, we provide comprehensive legal counsel to venture capital and private equity funds, as well as foreign portfolio investors, facilitating their investments into the dynamic Indian market.

With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Majmudar & Partners remains at the forefront of the legal landscape in India.  We continuously strive to deliver unparalleled service and value to our clients, staying abreast of emerging trends and regulatory developments in the private equity and venture capital arena.


Advisory Services

Our team of seasoned attorneys specializes in structuring investments into India, offering invaluable guidance on regulatory and tax considerations, both offshore and onshore.  We understand the intricacies of Indian laws and regulations governing private equity and venture capital investments, ensuring compliance and mitigating potential risks for our clients.


Due Diligence

Recognizing the importance of informed decision-making, we conduct meticulous due diligence of Indian companies targeted for investment.  Our rigorous due diligence process encompasses legal, financial, and commercial aspects, enabling our clients to make well-informed investment decisions and mitigate potential risks.


Comprehensive Documentation

We excel in drafting a wide array of investment documents tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.  From shareholders agreements and subscription agreements to preference share agreements, we ensure that all legal documentation is meticulously crafted to protect our clients’ interests and facilitate seamless transactions.


Strategic Advisory for Start-ups

In addition to serving established corporations and funds, we are dedicated to supporting start-up companies on their journey to success.  Our experienced attorneys provide strategic guidance on corporate structures, business plans, and public offerings, empowering start-ups to navigate legal complexities and achieve their growth objectives.


Minority Rights

Our seasoned legal team offers advice on a myriad of minority rights issues, ranging from voting rights to dividend distributions and board representation.  We work closely with our clients to safeguard their rights and advocate for fair treatment, leveraging our in-depth understanding of corporate governance principles and legal frameworks. 


Exit Strategies

We provide comprehensive guidance to our clients on developing and implementing effective exit strategies tailored to their unique business objectives.  From negotiating favorable exit terms to structuring transactions for optimal outcomes, our seasoned legal team leverages its expertise to assist clients in navigating complex exit scenarios.

Recent Transactions in Private Equity & Venture Capital

  • NongHyup Financial Group in connection with its minority equity investment (through its subsidiary, NH Capital Co., Ltd) in IFFCO Kisan Finance Limited.
  • Centre Lane Partners on the acquisition of Synacor, Inc. and its Indian subsidiary, Zimbra Technology India Private Limited, through a tender offer and subsequent reverse merger at a transaction value US$92 million.
  • STIC Pan Asia 4th Industrial Growth PEF Fund in connection with its proposed minority investment in a Singapore based entity, having a subsidiary in India. 
  • Ridgemont Equity Partners on Indian employment law issues pertaining to execution of an exclusive services agreement with a Chennai-based company in the technology sector.  
  • Bertram Capital, a leading US-based fund, on the acquisition of Perennials and Sutherland, LLC.
  • Wynnchurch Capital on its acquisition of a US-based group engaged in the manufacture of steel flanges and having subsidiaries in Europe and India. 
  • RAG-Stiftung on its acquisition of a 55% equity stake in SecurView, Inc., having a wholly owned subsidiary in India, SecurView Systems Private Limited.
  • Shorehill Capital LLC on Indian law aspects of a share acquisition, and also conducted a legal due diligence on the Indian subsidiaries of the target company.
  • Softbank in its investment of US$25,000,000 in Findability Sciences LLC and its Indian subsidiary.
  • Capricorn Investment Group, LLC on exiting its investment in VAS Data Services Private Limited, which runs and operates the online retailer “YepMe.”
  • TA PDI Holdings, Inc. a major US-based private equity fund, on a major Indian IT company acquisition.
  • Ambridge Partners on a transaction in which it was going to provide tax indemnification and insurance to Summit Partners on a purchase of shares of Calypso Technology, Inc.
  • Devang Mehta and Sandeep B. Shetty on their investment in Zaamy Technologies Private Limited and Gaia Smart Cities Solutions Private Limited, including finalizing the term sheet, and drafting the shareholders and share subscription agreement, the restated Articles and other corporate secretarial documents.
  • Unilog Content Solutions Private Limited in an equity investment deal by Kalaari Capital, involving term sheet negotiations, reviewing and finalizing all the transaction documents, and assisting in the due diligence process and until the closing of the transaction.
  • Browndove Healthcare Private Limited and its promoters on the Series-A investment of INR170,000,000 (approximately US$3,000,000) by Somerset Indus Healthcare Fund I (Mauritius).
  • Montagu Private Equity Limited in relation to its acquisition of Rexam’s Healthcare Devices and Prescription Retail divisions, on Indian law issues, specifically, intellectual property assignment and employment law issues.
  • Bikaji Foods International Limited (Bikaji Foods) and its promoters, the Agarwal family, on the acquisition of a 12.5% equity stake by Lighthouse Funds by way of a fresh issue of shares by Bikaji Foods for an amount of INR900,000,000 (approximately US$15,000,000).