Practice Areas

Governance & Policy

Majmudar & Partners is recognized for its expertise in governance and policy advisory services. Our team of experienced attorneys provides strategic guidance and practical solutions to clients navigating the complex regulatory landscape. We offer comprehensive advisory services on corporate governance best practices, regulatory compliance, policy formulation, and implementation strategies tailored to our clients’ specific needs and objectives.


Corporate Governance

Effective corporate governance is essential for maintaining transparency, accountability, and integrity in business operations. At Majmudar & Partners, we assist our clients in implementing robust corporate governance frameworks aligned with international standards and regulatory requirements. Our attorneys provide strategic advice on board structures, director responsibilities, shareholder rights, disclosure obligations, and corporate governance guidelines, helping clients enhance shareholder value and mitigate corporate governance risks.


Regulatory Compliance Solutions

Navigating regulatory compliance requirements is a complex and critical aspect of corporate governance. Our firm offers expert guidance on regulatory compliance across various industries and jurisdictions, helping clients navigate regulatory challenges and ensure adherence to applicable laws, rules, and regulations. We conduct comprehensive legal audits, assess compliance risks, and develop tailored compliance programs to mitigate legal exposure and safeguard our clients’ interests.


Policy Formulation and Advocacy

In an ever-changing regulatory environment, staying ahead of policy developments is crucial for businesses to adapt and thrive. Majmudar & Partners provides strategic advice on policy formulation, advocacy, and engagement with government authorities, industry associations, and regulatory bodies. Our attorneys work closely with clients to identify emerging policy trends, assess their impact on business operations, and advocate for favorable policy outcomes to support our clients’ business objectives.


Risk Management Strategies

Effective risk management is integral to good governance and sustainable business performance. Our firm assists clients in developing robust risk management strategies tailored to their business objectives and risk tolerance levels. We conduct risk assessments, identify key risk factors, and implement risk mitigation measures to protect our clients’ interests and enhance organizational resilience in an increasingly complex and dynamic business environment.

Recent Transactions in Governance & Policy

  • Empaxis Data Management India Private Limited, a subsidiary of the leading US data management services provider, Empaxis Data Management, Inc. on corporate and FEMA matters, and Indian governance issues.
  • CPP Assistance Services Private Limited, a subsidiary of the UK-based CPP Group Plc., in its investment in an Indian business process management company in India, involving a deferred buyout deal in several tranches, which raised many governance, control and compliance issues.
  • International Game Technology PLC on Indian corporate governance implications in connection with separation of senior level employees and reorganizing the board of directors of its Indian subsidiary.  
  • ChargePoint, Inc. in connection with its proposed joint venture transaction in India in EV charging space, as also on governance and management issues of its Indian subsidiary, ChargePoint Technologies India Private Limited.
  • Wacoal Corporation on its proposed single brand retail joint venture in India with Periwinkle Fashions Private Limited and represented it before the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion and the Foreign Investment Promotion Board in obtaining their approval.