Practice Areas


Majmudar and Partners’ employment law practice is widely recognized as one of the best in India, garnering accolades from leading legal research directories.  Our team of experienced attorneys is dedicated to providing strategic legal counsel and innovative solutions to clients on a wide range of employment-related matters.


Strategic HR Policy Structuring

We understand the importance of robust HR policies in fostering a productive and compliant workplace environment.  Our team works closely with clients to develop customized HR policies tailored to their unique business needs and objectives.  Whether it’s drafting employee handbooks, implementing disciplinary procedures, or addressing diversity and inclusion initiatives, we provide strategic guidance to help organizations establish effective HR frameworks.


Benefits and Stock Options

Employee benefits and stock options are vital components of a competitive compensation package.  Our employment law practice assists clients in structuring employee benefits agreements, including health insurance, retirement plans, and other fringe benefits, to attract and retain top talent.  Additionally, we advise on the implementation of stock option plans and equity incentive programs, helping clients incentivize and reward key employees while aligning their interests with the company’s growth objectives.


Labor Contracts

Our firm specialize in crafting robust labour contracts that protect the interests of the employers as well as employees while fostering a productive work environment.  We ensure that the terms and conditions outlined in the contracts accurately reflect our clients’ policies and expectations.  Our team pays meticulous attention to detail when drafting labour contracts, covering essential aspects such as job roles and responsibilities, compensation and benefits, working hours, leave policies, confidentiality and non-compete clauses, dispute resolution mechanisms, and termination provisions.


Retrenchment and Termination Advisory

We provide advisory services to assist companies in managing workforce restructuring initiatives, including retrenchment and termination procedures.  Our team offers strategic guidance and practical solutions to help clients navigate complex legal frameworks and mitigate potential risks associated with employee separations.  From conducting legal assessments and risk analyses to developing effective communication strategies and drafting termination notices, our attorneys ensure compliance with applicable labor laws and regulations.  We help mitigate legal challenges, preserve employer reputation, and uphold employee dignity and rights.


Employee Stock Structuring

Our team specializes in designing customized employee stock option plans (ESOPs) and equity-based compensation structures.  From initial consultation to plan implementation, our attorneys provide strategic guidance at every step of the process.  We assist clients in determining the appropriate allocation of stock options, vesting schedules, exercise periods, and other key parameters to maximize employee engagement and motivation.  Additionally, we offer ongoing support and advisory services to help clients navigate the complexities of ESOP administration and compliance, ensuring seamless integration with their overall compensation and retention strategies.

Recent Transactions in Employment

  • Morneau Shepell Limited (now LifeWorks) on Indian employment law issues in connection with its Indian subsidiary.
  • FrontdoorGlobal Holding Company I, Inc. on drafting and finalizing different employee policies, standard employee offer letters and employment termination documents for its subsidiary, Frontdoor India Private Limited.
  • GlobalEnglish on Indian employment law issues in connection with its Indian subsidiary, Agile English India Private Limited.
  • KeepTruckin, Inc. on Indian employment law issues in connection with its Indian subsidiary, KeepTruckin India Private Limited.
  • Tecnimont Private Limited on Indian employment law issues, including advice on the building and construction workers law in India and compliances for payment of cess.
  • Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, New Zealand, on Indian employment law issues in respect of termination of employment and separation documents.
  • EisnerAmper (India) Consultants Pvt. Ltd. on Indian employment law issues in relation to the Indian government’s lockdown measures on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Ridgemont Equity Partners on Indian employment law issues pertaining to execution of an exclusive services agreement with a Chennai-based company in the technology sector.
  • Maven Silicon Softech Pvt Ltd. regarding the validity of employment bonds, as also drafting the employment deed and other requisite documents for onboarding of employees.
  • Minance Technologies Private Limited on the actions to be taken for data theft and violation of confidentiality obligations by ex-employees.
  • Hamburg Sud India Private Limited in drafting employment agreements and separation documents for change of a whole-time director of its Indian subsidiary.
  • Kamstrup A/S on Indian employment law issues in connection with termination of engagement of a managerial level employee of its Indian subsidiary.
  • Availity LLC on Indian employment law issues in connection with termination of engagement of a managerial level employee of its Indian subsidiary, FORE Support Services India Private Limited, and in reviewing the separation documents.
  • International Game Technology PLC (NYSE: IGT) on employment law and corporate governance implications in connection with separation of senior level employees of its Indian subsidiary.
  • NerdWallet, Inc., a US-based fintech company, on Indian employment law issues in connection with its Indian subsidiary, NerdWallet India Private Limited.
  • Demant A/S on the Indian law implications of engagement of employees in India by a foreign company.
  • Novum Holdings UK Ltd. on reduction of employees as part of closure of operations in India of its subsidiary, including the best option for reduction of employees and on the documentation required for resignation or termination of employees in India.
  • OANDA India Private Limited, the wholly owned subsidiary of Oanda Corporation, in drafting separation documents for all employees as a part of the wind down process.
  • Gallup Inc. on retrenchment issues in connection with its Indian subsidiary.
  • United Retirement Plan consultants, Inc. on complex Indian employment law issues about an entity to be incorporated in India.
  • Solmax International Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd. on Indian employment law issues in connection with termination of employment of a senior level employee.
  • CHEP South Africa on Indian employment law issues in connection with its Indian subsidiary, CHEP India Private Limited.
  • Goglio S.p.A., Italy in drafting a comprehensive agreement for a senior level employee of its Indian subsidiary.
  • Rofu (HK) Ltd. on Indian employment laws with special reference to the impact of foreign exchange and income tax laws on the foreign parent employing personnel in India and in preparing a detailed employment contract for such employment.
  • H&R Block on Indian corporate and tax law issues in relation to the grant of employee stock options to certain employees of its Indian subsidiary, and certain sexual harassment matters in India.
  • Empaxis Data Management on Indian employment law issues in connection with its Indian subsidiary, Empaxis Data Management India Private Limited, and in drafting and finalizing employment agreements, a comprehensive human resources manual for its employees, and payroll and recruitment agreements.
  • Essence Group Holding Corporation on the release and separation of the employees of its Indian group company, Lumeris India Private Limited.
  • Hearfon Systems Private Limited on drafting an offer letter and advising on a matter where a resigned employee had filed a complaint with the labour authorities.
  • Valagro S.p.A on drafting and finalization of a country manager and whole-time director agreement for its subsidiary company in Hyderabad, and on the legal requirements and issues related to termination of employees in India.