Practice Areas

Intellectual Property

Our firm is recognized for its well-established IP practice, dedicated to protecting and enforcing the intellectual property rights of our clients. Our team of experienced IP attorneys provides strategic advice and tailored solutions to safeguard trademarks, copyrights, designs, patents, and other intellectual property assets in India. We offer comprehensive IP protection services, including registration, prosecution, enforcement, licensing, and litigation, to ensure that our clients’ valuable intellectual property assets are effectively protected and monetized.


Comprehensive IP Services

Our firm offers a wide range of IP services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether it’s securing trademark registrations, filing copyright applications, obtaining design patents, or prosecuting patent applications, our attorneys provide expert guidance and support at every stage of the IP lifecycle. We also assist clients in drafting and negotiating IP licensing agreements, conducting IP due diligence, and enforcing their IP rights through administrative proceedings and litigation.


Strategic IP Portfolio Management

Effective management of intellectual property portfolios is essential for maximizing the value of IP assets and minimizing risks. At Majmudar & Partners, we work closely with our clients to develop and implement strategic IP portfolio management strategies tailored to their business objectives and industry dynamics. Our attorneys conduct IP audits, assess portfolio strengths and weaknesses, and formulate customized IP management plans to align with our clients’ overall business goals and competitive landscape.


International IP Protection

In an increasingly globalized marketplace, protecting intellectual property rights across borders is crucial for maintaining competitive advantage and preventing unauthorized use or infringement. Majmudar & Partners offers comprehensive international IP protection services, including filing and prosecuting international trademark and patent applications, navigating cross-border IP enforcement issues, and advising on international IP treaties and conventions.

Recent Transactions in Intellectual Property

  • Technicolor Trademark Management on trademark renewal and change of proprietor address.
  • Foodcare Sp. Z o.o. in issuing a cease and desist legal notice on a Delhi-based distributor, seeking to refrain the distributor from passing-off their product under an unregistered trademark.
  • Horseware Products Limited, a leading manufacturer for equestrian life, and filed two trademark applications.
  • Carl Freudenberg KG in prosecuting its trademark applications in India.
  • Eddie Bauer Licensing Services LLC in prosecuting its trademark applications in India for the mark FIRST ASCENT.
  • APN Health, LLC on an investment by an Indian resident in APN Health, LLC, by way of a share subscription, from a regulatory and IP perspective.
  • GlobalEnglish Corporation on issues relating to assignment of intellectual property rights by the employees of a service provider and by the service provider to the service recipient pursuant to a stock purchase transaction involving GlobalEnglish Corporation.
  • Brighthaven Ventures, L.L.C. on a major contract concerning sub-licensing of its intellectual property rights to an Indian pharmaceutical company.
  • Woolmark Services India Pvt. Ltd. and represented it before the Trademark Registry in matters involving infringement of one of the world’s most well-known trademarks, “Woolmark.”
  • QA Systems GmbH in responding to objections raised by the Trademark Registry on an international trademark application.
  • Temple Wellness Ventures LLP on IP and regulatory issues with reference to a distribution contract for a neutraceutical and wellness products in India.
  • European Renal Association – European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA) and assisted in preparing and sending legal notices in a complex case of passing off involving fraud.
  • TA PDI Holdings, Inc. on a major Indian IT company acquisition involving major IP ownership issues.
  • Appear TV AS on the legal steps and issues in connection with infringement / passing off of its domain name.
  • Escapology LLC and Escapology Guernsey Limited in a passing-off claim against its ex-business partners.