Kritika Agarwal shares views on Government guidelines for OTT platforms with CXOToday

Mar 2, 2021

The Indian Government recently announced new guidelines for OTT platforms offering services across India like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hotstar. These new guidelines have been the subject of discussion in the media and IT news outlet, CXOToday spoke to Kritika Agarwal, Associate Partner at Majmudar & Partners, on the subject.

According to her, “The new rules supersede the existing guidelines for intermediaries and propose to regulate intermediaries, social media intermediaries, digital or online news channels and OTT portals.  These rules will apply to digital media and OTT portals that may not be operating in India but whose services are accessible in India and are targeted to the Indian audience. It is good that the government has introduced a 3-level supervision mechanism as an OTT platform will be able to classify its content and address any complaints on the content on its own rather than being subject to a censor board.  Therefore, the rules promote self-regulation of digital media and OTT platforms whilst establishing a code of ethics that will have to be complied with,”

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